A quality radiology diagnosis impacts the effectiveness of all downstream specialties—from orthopedics to oncology.

That’s why Covera Health is empowering radiology providers with powerful analytics to better define, measure, and deliver accurate diagnoses—helping to ensure every patient is on the most cost-effective path back to health.

View peer-reviewed clinical research on diagnostic variability.

 Our Approach

Collaborative Data Sharing

Access to >10 years of medical records and millions of related data points

Applied Clinical Analytics

Generates comparative data on frequency, type, and sources of possible errors

Actionable Feedback and Support

Ongoing feedback supports radiologists in their goal to elevate patient care

Radiology Centers of Excellence Program

Covera Health’s nationwide program matches patients with local radiologists shown to excel at diagnosing their specific pathology, improving outcomes and helping payers and employers reduce spending on inappropriate care.

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