We help employers and payers improve patient outcomes and reduce inappropriate healthcare spend

Unique provider partnerships and advanced clinical analytics allow us to better define, measure, and deliver high-quality care.



Our Focus

Our focus on quality begins in radiology —an area of medicine that directly impacts countless medical specialties, from musculoskeletal disorders and mental health, to cardiology and oncology.


Our Science

At Covera Health, we've demonstrated that advanced data science can prevent serious misdiagnoses within radiology, helping put patients on the most direct path back to health.


Our Solution

We deploy national Radiology Centers of Excellence Programs for self-insured employers, health plans, and other entities to reduce misdiagnoses and improve patient outcomes, while reducing overall costs.

Did you know that diagnostic error rates can be as high as 40%? Learn more by reading our peer-reviewed clinical study.

Robust analytics rooted in provider collaboration


Our understanding of quality is deeply rooted in data analytics and an innovative, quality-based Provider Collaborative.

With unique data via partnerships with providers nationwide, our analytics team develops first-of-its-kind clinical datasets around quality, allowing for actionable insight back to providers to improve the care delivered to patients.