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The right diagnosis is the first step

Covera Health’s clinical intelligence platform and AI-powered quality insights improve employees’ entire trajectory of care while reducing costs related to unnecessary care and poor outcomes.

Right or wrong, a patient’s diagnosis impacts all the care that follows

Covera Health’s quality platform supports employees by matching them with the right provider while supporting physicians in their efforts to improve care quality.

Covera Health’s Radiology Centers of Excellence Program

Improving patient outcomes throughout the care journey

Covera identifies the highest quality provider based on each patient’s specific injury or illness

Connected Platform

Directly integrated from pre-authorization to care coordination, patients are matched with the right provider with no disruption to their care journey

Improved Outcomes

Validated to improve care across key clinical domains, from MSK and spine to oncology and cardiovascular disease, the Covera CoE program reduces costs while improving employee outcomes

Start every patient journey with

the right first step.

Learn more about how the Covera CoE program can help lower costs while improving outcomes for your employees