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Connecting patients

with the right diagnosis

from the start

A delayed, missed, or incomplete radiology diagnosis can distort the entire patient journey, whereas the correct diagnosis puts patients on the most efficient and cost-effective path back to health.

Radiology misdiagnoses

impact all subsequent

care decisions

Surprisingly common, misdiagnoses lead to wasted healthcare spend on unnecessary procedures, delayed or ineffective treatment and, in the worst cases, morbidity and mortality.

Inefficient or inappropriate care accounts for over

$300B in wasted spending per year.

— National Academy of Medicine 8

Covera Health’s Radiology Centers of Excellence Program

Helping employers avoid costly misdiagnoses

Based on assessment of >10 years of medical records, we identify those providers statistically more likely to deliver the correct diagnosis for each patient’s pathology.

More Accurate Care

This facilitates timely and effective treatment, reducing downstream care costs by as much as 30% in a study of 80K employees in blinded statewide trial.

Minimal Implementation

Integration happens seamlessly through your existing network or utilization management vendor. No separate interfaces, apps, or sign-ups for patients.

Start every patient journey with

the right first step.

Learn more about the single, highest-value step you can take to control unnecessary spending.