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Enhanced Network Engagement. Improved Patient Outcomes. Reduced Costs.

Covera Health facilitates network-wide quality improvement by supporting radiology providers in their efforts to elevate care, all while reducing costs associated with misdirected care and poor outcomes.

Improve all your care programs, from MSK to Oncology

Ensuring each patient receives the right diagnosis at the start of their care dramatically improves the likelihood of a positive outcome, avoiding unnecessary, costly, and often invasive treatment.

Radiology quality built for health plans

Quality Care Collaborative

Elevate quality across your network by empowering providers with clinical-grade, AI-powered quality insights at the point of care. Improve member outcomes while enabling targeted value-based programs.

Center of Excellence program

Integrated into your pre-authorization workflows, Covera Health seamlessly matches individual members with a high quality radiology provider in their community to improve both care quality and member outcomes.

"Existing radiology programs remain focused on unit cost. Only Covera has the data to show savings based on quality of care being delivered."

Brad Fluegel

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Aetna, Anthem and Walgreens

Learn how Covera Health can help shape your network strategy, improve network satisfaction, and reduce costs associated with poor patient outcomes.